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We value honesty over sales and strive to give you the most accurate product reviews possible. We test every single product we review against our high standards and never accept payment unless it lives up to our expectations.

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How We Test Products

We test over 100 products monthly, including everything from rugs to mirrors to curtains. After reviewing hundreds of products, we have developed a rigorous testing process to ensure that each one meets our high standards.

Our testing process includes several steps. First, Our editors work tirelessly to find the best products out there, and we want to ensure that you're getting the most bang for your buck. To do this, we start with a basic set of criteria: Does the product offer value to our audience? Is it well-reviewed? Is it easy to use? These are just some examples; we'll go into detail about each one below.

After narrowing down the list based on our initial criteria, we move on to what we call "the next level." This involves looking at the product's price, availability, customer satisfaction, and return rates. If a product doesn't meet our requirements here, we don't include it in our guides.

We also look at the quality of the reviews, how many people are talking about the product, and whether the reviewers are trustworthy. Our goal is to provide you with unbiased, objective product recommendations, and we hope you agree that we've succeeded.


Homedecorreview.com is a product review site owned by sciential LLC, a digital-first publication. Their mission is to publish reviews of products that are helpful to homeowners. They cover topics ranging from interior to exterior home decor.

We've already talked about how we select products to feature in our guides. But there are a couple of additional steps we take to make sure that every single product featured in our guides is worth checking out.
First, we do extensive research on each product to make sure it's relevant to our readers. Then, we talk to experts to find out if the product is good. Finally, we review the product ourselves to make sure it lives up to its hype.
Our editors and freelance writers spend hours researching products and speaking to experts to make sure we're only recommending the top products available in a given category. No robots or algorithms decide which products to feature; it's just humans making decisions.
We also analyze reviews and read consumer comments to make sure we're not missing anything. And we never recommend a product or services we wouldn't purchase ourselves.

Home Decor Reviews has a team of product testers who provide unbiased reviews based on their personal experiences using the products. Our goal is to inform our readers about the pros and cons of the products we feature, and we do not receive compensation from the brands we write about. However, we may occasionally receive free samples from brands that we review.
We believe that it's important to keep our readers informed about the products we review, so we disclose whether we received free samples from the brand in question. We only mention the brands we work with if they are relevant to our reviews.
Our reviewers are trained professionals who evaluate products based on their own personal experiences and preferences. We never base our ratings solely on the number of positive or negative comments a product receives. When reviewing products, we also consider factors such as price, quality, ease of use, durability, safety, etc..
We hope that our readers appreciate the time and effort we put into writing detailed reviews of the products we feature. As long as we continue to provide accurate and informative reviews, we expect our readers to return to us for future recommendations!"

We make affiliate commissions from select items and retailers. We never recommend any specific item or retailer unless we feel it's worthy of coverage. Our editors are making recommendations based solely on the quality of the product and not the commission structure offered.

Home Decor Reviews does not feature products that have paid for a positive review or "Best Overall" status. However, there are times when we may feature a product if it meets certain criteria. For instance, if a brand sponsors a giveaway contest, we might include it in a list of recommended giveaways. Sponsorships are always clearly marked as sponsored.
We do not accept payment for any endorsement, whether a positive review or a listing in a shopping guide. Our editors work hard to find only the most relevant products for our readers, and we believe that transparency is key to maintaining trust between us and our audience.

We update Home Decor Reviews weekly. Sometimes more often than that, depending on how much content we have.